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J C Sum iFRAME iPad Digtial Magic

Snapshot 9 (16-6-2016 12-57 AM)

Asia’s International Illusionist, J C Sum, brings iPad digital magic to the next level with a completely original illusion stage act that combines technology, multimedia, optical illusions and magic.

The act garnered much mainstream media interest and was featured in a wide range of prominent media publications including The Star, New Straits Times, Nanyang Daily, Oriental Daily and Vision KL.

The entire act revolves around the iFrame (AKA Infinity Frame).

It is a postmodern-designed steampunk frame and the audience can see under, behind and around the frame. A tablet on a holder extends out from the side of the frame.

Watch the full iFrame digital magic theatre act below:

Snapshot 3 (15-6-2016 11-57 PM)

Snapshot 8 (16-6-2016 12-05 AM)

iFrame Money Explosion Blackout

Next Level iPad Digital Magic

From the iFrame, a whole myriad of amazing illusions are created. Some incredible highlights include:

  • A smart phone magically appears from the frame
  • The smart phone transforms into a digital tablet
  • The smart phone shrinks to ¼ its size
  • Money magically appears from within the frame
  • An artistic drawing magically changes colour
  • A stunning confetti snowstorm is created from nowhere

The act is fully customizable to highlight a brand, product or message.

iFRAME was designed as a “fly-on” international act and does not require large cases of equipment to be freight-forwarded. The entire act can be checked-in as excess baggage for all major airlines worldwide.

iFrame Finale

iFrame Finale 2

Language:  English and/ or Mandarin

Show Formats:

  • The iFrame Act (3 – 6 min) – For event openings, launches or as a short specialty act
  • The iFrame Show (30min) – As a headliner entertainment show for corporate & special events

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