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Female Close Up Magician – Yong Tian


Yong Tian has been performing magic professionally for six years with local and international experience in live shows and television. She has been featured in the local media several times and was a featured magician in both seasons of “M for Magic”, an online television series. Yong Tian’s expertise includes stage and close up magic performances for family and corporate events.

Singapore close up magician, Yong Tian, was also a featured regular close-up magician at Bar 84, a Japanese magic bar in Singapore. Yong Tian performs close up regularly for corporate events and other events. She was the resident magician for Tony Roma’s (Singapore, Suntec City) in 2011.

Based in Singapore, Yong Tian is experienced performing closeup magic for Singapore and international audiences. Yong Tian can also customize her close up magic for the requirements needed for your event.



Yong Tian is available for bookings for close up magic for:

    • Corporate Events
    • Trade Shows & Exhibitions
    • Networking Events
    • Mall Events


1) The Stolen Cards

Close up magician Yong Tian shows her magical dexterity with cards! The audience volunteer is invited to choose a card of his/her own free will.

The card appears in unexplainable places each time! Finally all the cards are put into the audience member’s hands.

The audience is told to guard the cards while Yong Tian attempts to find one card in the entire deck.

Incredibly, Yong Tian not only finds the single card, but also cause the whole deck of cards to vanish from the audience’s hands!


2) Focus*

The audience is given an entirely free choice to pick one of many photos in Yong Tian’s wallet.

He/she focuses on the photo and remembers it in his mind. Yong Tian tells the audience member to slowly imagine losing focus and letting the photo fade away…

Incredibly, his photo is found to have faded away too!


3) The Photo Illusion

Yong Tian shows her favourite photo that is in her wallet. Unfortunately the photo is misprinted!

To allow the audience to see exactly what the photo is, Yong Tian proceeds to tear up the photo and magically restores it to the right order!


Check out details on how Yong Tian can customize her magic for your event here.

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